1. Is Hobart a high-risk area for termites?

    Yes, all of Australia seems to be a high-risk area for termites but Hobart in particular, due to a combination of factors, falls into the very high-risk category. Here we have a very large and aggressive species of termite. But we have found the best eco-friendly and cost-effective way to deal with them.

  2. How long does your treatment take to work?

    We run the treatment immediately after the registration of the problem. But it is advisable to wait for the results for 2 – 3 weeks because some termites could be deeply dug under the crack or the furniture.

  3. What type of services are provided to control termites at home?

    We offer various eco-friendly and organic services round the clock to help you control and remove termites from your home. We offer emergency and same-day services at the minimum cost of termite inspection.